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Team Awesome = Meridian Militia

Main Player-Characters (PCs)

  • Gin The Fearless, Dawn-Caste Solar, played by Ben
  • Zaela, Zenith-Caste Solar, played by Sam
  • Willow, Twilight-Caste Solar, played by Corina
  • Blix, Night-Caste Solar, played by Marshall
  • Skogur Vinur, Night-Caste Solar, played by Bryan
  • Caedris, Eclipse-Caste Solar, played by David
  • Swift, Eclipse-Caste Solar, played by Michael

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Minor Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
  • Joab, Royal Guard
  • Scavis, Emissary of Raksi
  • Cavet, Ex-emissary of Raksi, Ally of Swift
  • Mannon, librarian of the Great Library of Sperimin, does not like Willow
  • Mal, adopted child of Swift
  • Dragon Kings, hidden ancient residents of Adrelith
  • Korian, spirit of The Faulty Wind, god of Airship fleet
  • Axelgram, new god of the Meridian Isles, god of Kornath
  • Deus Ex, …<arcane>…
  • The Keeper, guardian spirit of Sperimin and the Book of Three Circles


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