Forge of Qebeth Manse


4 Dot Fire Aspect Manse
Creation Points = 4*2 + 1 + 3 + 1 = 13


Uncomfortable -1: The manse has no amenities, but at least it could provide shelter. Description:The hallways of the Forge are stark and bare, only metal furniture can survive.

Maintenance -3: Complicated maintenance takes a full day and must be performed weekly either by an individual attuned to the manse, or by a technician with at least Occult 3, Lore 3, and Craft (Earth)3. In sophisticated places such as a major city, it might be possible to hire such an expert for Resources 3. (One month). Description: A technician must continually clear and channel the lava and molten metal that pours from the Manse or it will begin to overflow and built up.

Reduced Hearthstone -1:
This translucent, red-orange dodecahedron grants another Essence user the ability to surround herself with an aura of fi re identical to a Fire-aspected Terrestrial Exalt’s anima power. Fire-aspected Dragon-Blooded who use this stone add this damage to the normal damage done by their anima power.
Producing this imitation anima banner costs Essence. Double the number of motes the character spends, however, to fi nd the intensity of the flaming aura conferred by the hearthstone. (Of course, the Essence expenditure may well trigger the character’s own anima as well.)

Network Node (1): This is the central control for a number of smaller manses(1) around the periphery with nothing but Essance Artillery.
Central Control (1):
Archive (2):
Dangerous Traps (2):
Atelier Manse (4):
Fire Dragon’s Will (3):

Integrated Essence Artillery (4):
Zone of Influence (3) 1600 yards
Fortress (3)

Earth slabs coated in moonsilver to be frictionless start sliding in. The exit is through a spiral slide of moonsilver. Filling the room with water will get you out.

Orichalcum spiral sets where gravity is. Spikes placed around the room shoot out when you get near them.

Floating tiles (air aspected).


Forge of Qebeth Manse

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