Aerial Guardian Deselowth

Royal Warstrider, Guardian of the Meridian Isles


Each of the 7 components of Deselowth add a new power to the whole.

  1. Wood – Meticulous Mouse – Senses essence signatures anywhere on the Meridian Isle. Requires his Earth counterpart to sense underground.
  2. Fire – Fire Brand – Summon Warstrider Weapons (Mundane equivalent) made of condensed fire and lava for the Warstrider. Requires the Orichalcum piece to integrate with Meticulous Mouse.
  3. Water – Deep Soul – Extends the sense of Deselowth to the pilot. Removes all vision penalties. Hologlyphic display of essence sight and telescopic vision.
  4. Orichalcum – Maker’s Design – Integrates with the Meridian Isle manse network and extends Chaos Repelling Pattern across the whole island. Allows the integration of other pieces of Deselowth.
  5. Earth – Soak/Hardness for the Pilot
  6. Moonsilver – Augment weapons and body structure with hard moonsilver extrusions.
  7. Air – Wings/Flight?

Basic Royal Stats:

  1. x10 Movement speed and Jump distance
  2. Strength 16
  3. Mobility -2
  4. Fatigue 2
  5. Attune 40 (This can be carried by 4 different people)
  6. Soak 24
  7. Hardness 12
  8. Cost: Artifact N/A

Warstrider Powers:

  1. Grapple Vines – Can use Strength + Martial Arts to grapple up to 20 yards away. The vines can grapple groups of 5 people simultaneously without a flurry. Flurries increase the number of targets in increments of 5.
  2. Molten Arsenal – can create any Warstrider weapon as a reflexive action. Arrows are automatically generated and use Broadhead stats plus they set things on fire. These weapons follow Artifact warstrider weapon stats (Wonders p.160).
  3. Chaos Repelling Pattern – can extend to the entire Meridian Isle.
  4. Transcendent Vision – No vision penalties using the warstrider. Telescopic sight means no vision penalties due to range up to 1 mile away when the pilot focuses on a specific object.
  5. Moonsilver Armatures – In addition to Moonsilver weapons, the armor can extrude other moonsilver pieces for utility. For example, Deselowth can grow moonsilver spikes to root into the ground or hang from a cliff face. These are controlled by the pilot and limited by imagination. Though the moonsilver begins to loose rigidity past 10 feet in length.

The only thing the Circle knows about Deselowth so far is based on what Meticulous Mouse has said and from visual inspection:

Meticulous Mouse

  • Made of a gestalt of 7 magical materials (5 elements + solar, lunar)
  • Feeding wood essence into the Great Tree Andraekis so that it grew to 8 stories tall over the millenia
  • Meticulous Mouse can sense essence patterns anywhere on the island, including Stealth charms
  • Deselowth is an amalgamation of spirits (the family) that are each indestructible and bound into an Artifact piece of the warstrider


“My name is Meticulous Mouse, lesser spirit of surveillance to the Mighty Aerial Guardian Deselowth. There seems to be someone moving around this kingdom with Stealth charms. Did you know that? After all this is still my home. I think… where did this building come from? Oh I’m very concerned now. How long has it been since that dreadful uprising? This is not good, not good one bit.”

“It was them! Those rebel types. They didn’t like me after they killed my master and I don’t like them. Starry eyed fellows, or maybe it was fire in their eyes… Little twinkly fire types. Maybe Dragonbloods I think? It’s possible my memory is damaged. I’m very sorry. Anyways, they wanted to destroy me! How rude. But they couldn’t, nooooo.”

“Deselowth was made to be permanent, indestructible! Very rare you see. Especially with Magitech. The best! And I… I got separated. There were pieces that could be taken apart… for maintenance! Not like maintenance repair, but like maintenance upgrades. Would that be maintenance? So then they threw us all over the place. I’m kind of fuzzy about that last part. I might have had too much to drink. It was Calibration after all."

P.S. Warstiders are real!

Aerial Guardian Deselowth

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