Deadly Skies

Accounts of the Adamant Codex, 3

Chapter One, Scene Three

After the Fair Folk cleared out the Circle spent the morning tending to casualties and injuries. With the clear light of the day and the recent revelation of the Codex from Raksi it was time to formulate a plan for the Adamant Codex and put it into action.

Perfect timing on the Daystar… Caiden thought idly to himself as the party moved further into the true East. This celestial gate was particularly dangerous given its proximity to raw Wyld energies. Fortunately he recalled it’s location, just as he had to memorize the location of all Celestial Gates in Creation by age 14.

Trees were as wide as entire houses here, and wingspans the length of clouds provided startling shade at intervals in the morning. A familiar and welcome clearing held their target: the Easternmost Celestial Gate. After a small-talk explanation on the requirements of activation, Caiden walked to the center of the massive wooden arch and flared his anima.

The effect was contagious, as the gate began to glow the same color before its center was filled with the same golden light of the morning Sun.

“It’s perfectly safe, I assure you,” Caiden mentioned before stepping into the aura of blinding light…

Zaela gave her last minute instructions to the scouts and the flagship, and they began packing up and heading west, back towards the path of the main army and the Isle itself. A few of the Lunars, after finishing their audience with Raksi, would be going with the scouts to protect them until they reached the Bordermarches.

“Isn’t Mt. Meru in the middle of the Scarlet Empire? Don’t they kill anathema like us?” she asked Raksi, finally standing before the Celestial Gate and shifting from foot to foot, her pack hefted on one shoulder. “Why are we going there, again?”

“Oh, honey, haven’t you heard?” The elder Lunar flashed her a wicked smile, showing off the filed points of her teeth. “A pack of Solars took over the old ruins, cleaned it up, turned on the defenses: they’re stuck like ticks and it would take more manpower than the Empire would really like to expend right now to clear them out. So the Empire’s now forced to negotiate with them. Sticks in their craw, for sure. The Solars there are calling for a New Deliberative, and they’re proving themselves quite the up and coming power.”

“Oh… well. Maybe… this will be good, then.”

“Certainly. It’s also the best place to find allies against the coming Yozi fight.” Raksi spun in place like a little girl given a treat and took a running leap through the portal, shifting to silver-spotted black jaguar as she did.

Zaela glanced upward at the slightly brighter spot that was the Sun, visibly steeled herself, and strode through the portal.

Falling River and Silver Star packed up with the troops. It was the Lunar’s calling to protect people and the tattered Lunar tribes had a lot to atone for. “I still can’t get over how much she’s changed,” River remarked.

“I know! It’s a little creepy. But good creepy.” Star agreed. “I wonder if it will stick. How long has it been?”

“Six months, seven days.” Captain Salk interjected. “I was there when it happened. There’s a white throne back home that wiped away all the crazy in an instant. It was really something to see. I can vouch for her though. She’s been clean ever since.”

“The Throne of Creation…” Silver Star said dreamily. “That’s what she called it. Raksi said it could restore our caste as well. Just like it was in the First Age.”

“Just like it was.” Captain Salk agreed. “It’ll be good to see my family again.”


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