Oh, I took sail to crash ships in style, not actually fly them…

An invitation isn’t an invitation unless it’s an invitation within an invitation

Solars are like that loud person in the meeting that everyone thinks has management skills

- Caedris/OOC

I would have eaten the baby, but I’m a vegetarian” – Willow

“We have an extensive library of knowledge! How can I help you?”
“Well it sounds like you don’t have sorcery books, so… You can’t.” – Willow
“Oh… Well if you ever need anything, STOP DEFACATING ON THAT BOOK! Anything at all..”

You’re digging secret tunnels under the palace!
“It’s not us. It’s giant ant!” – Willow
“… Well this is the Wyld…”

When putting plexi glass over our hex board to prevent further marker mishaps…
“Now we’re practicing safe hex!” —Ben

Its magic


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