Meridian Isles

The Meridian Isles is a roughly disc-shaped floating continent broken into hundreds of island chunks. The center isle, one of the largest and highest, is connected to its neighbors by a series of wide elegant bridges, constructed of some ancient, unknown material. Most of the islands are also connected to each other by vast unstable webs of vines and jungle foliage.

The whole region is physically under tension and slowly coming apart as the plant growth struggles to keep up with the islands lifting into the air. Some islands have deep crevasses that go most of the way through the island. Crevasses deepen until the island eventually splits in two. Large islands are anchored to the ground by 100+ yard tall trees whose roots extend all the way to the jungle floor. Smaller islands are only anchored by interconnections with its neighbors.

Plant Life
The Meridian Isles host a vast variety of plant life, heavily emphasizing vines and spindly trees. The dominant type of tree on the isles is a relative of the Banyan tree. Its branches constantly drop aerial roots which grow back into the ground and anchor it. Aerial roots hang off the side of the islands and many are on the Underside. These trees are also filter feeders. Their aerial roots catch pollen, small insects, and particulate for nourishment. About 1 in 10 drapes of aerial root is of a hardier variety that can trap small mammals and ensnare people. These roots secrete a paralytic poison. This makes flying beneath the Isles a life-threatening prospect.

The undersides are a haven for all sorts of unsavory life: carnivores of all shapes and sizes (plant and animal), creatures of darkness and more.

The Isles are home to many small city-state kingdoms and nations. Some of the more notable ones are as follows:

Some of the notable features of the Isles include:

  • Shogunate Bridges

Meridian Isles

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