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  • Meridian Isles

    *Geology* The Meridian Isles is a roughly disc-shaped floating continent broken into hundreds of island chunks. The center isle, one of the largest and highest, is connected to its neighbors by a series of wide elegant bridges, constructed of some …

  • Adrelith


    Zaela’s kingdom * high aesthetics - ** lots of old, clean stonework ** sinuous curves, “elven” metal work ** over-sized orchid-type flowers (2ft diameter blossoms) ** songbirds and sugar-glider type pets everywhere *** ( …

  • Qebeth

    * Inspiration: Unstable mining center ** Size: very large ** Walls: stone, with few gates ** Layout: built on the ruins of a much older city ** Attractions: gardens and talented street performers ** Famous For: theatre and fashion ** Guards: armed …

  • Laenia

    (More Better Description not bullet-pointed goes here) --- * Inspiration: neglectful town built around easy food and water ** Size: very large ** Layout: built around two rivers flowing from magical wells, these wells are sacred and no one is …

  • Andraek

    (Description here.)

    Notable NPCs:

    King Stewart Princess (Name) Captain Joab of the Kingsguard !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/177924/aether_hold_exalted.jpg(Aether hold exalted)!

  • Mahalanka

    * Ruled by [[:raksi | Raksi]], Queen of Fangs * Home of various beastmen * At least 4 days travel north of the Meridian Isles