Cynis Nagezzer

Decadent Cynis Crime Lord


Cynis Nagezzer is a continuation of the canon character Sesus Nagezzer.

Sesus Nagezzer was defeated and humiliated by Panther, a Zenith Solar. He was forced to flee Nexus and attempt to make a new life for himself. Because of political fallout he was disowned by his Dynastic Household, Sesus. After a year wandering eastward he met up with a group of Cynis who had been kicked out of the Realm. He became their new leader and went as far as the Elemental Pole of Wood to build a new society based on decadence and free expression.

That society didn’t work out so well… Cynis Nagezzer was forced to hit the road again and has recently settled in the Meridian Isles in the kingdom of Kornath. He has set himself up as a benevolent advisor/ruler in a Manse custom built for him. Now he finally has a new chance at life with a clean slate.

Cynis Nagezzer

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