Deadly Skies

10 - The Full Extent

May 11th

Taking all of the current themes to their fullest extent.

  • Willow departs the isles with Raksi Queen of Fangs for a sinister tour of Mahakanka.
  • Blix and his stryx tail Raksi and Willow in an attempt to find some shinies to steal from Mahalanka.
  • Mahalanka turns out to be the lost city of Iforgotthename and Raksi introduces Willow as her Solar Mate.
  • Willow nearly loses control under Raksi’s strong influence and is pulled out of Mahalanka by Blix, after losing all her willpower and killing a (birdman) gladiator.
  • Cynis Nagezzer blossomed into a fruit bearing tree!
  • Furious Silence vows to protect the new Cynis Tree with his life.
  • After days of mental exhaustion, Furious Silence falls asleep and dreams that the elemental dragons of wood and air visit him and kill Cynis for being corrupt, also warning Furious not to follow in Cynis’s footsteps. Upon waking Furious Silence ends his vigil and wanders off apologizing.
  • Raksi encourages three children of the Isles to eat Cynis’s fruit, two of which begin showing signs of what Cynis had before he was transformed, causing Skogur to limit break.
  • Skogur kills one of the suffering children causing Swift to limit break and jump in front of the arrow bound for the second child.
  • Skogur attacks Raksi and is summarily crippled by her defense.
  • Trygg reveals himself to be Skogur’s lunar mate and informs Raksi she has gone far enough. The warning is repeated by Caedris and Raksi leaves saying “Tell Blix we are even now.”.
  • Trygg carries an unconscious Skogur and panicked Swift holding a confused child.
  • During all the Chaos, Gin is relentlessly training combat units.

Sorry for the confusion in order of events last scenario. The party was allocated 3 months to find the Artifact (done) and three months until they needed to march on Grey Falls. Finding the Transcendant Blossom ( A Woman Scorned) didn’t take more than a day; leaving three months of downtime. Willow, Caedris, and Swift used up one week of downtime building ships. Blix used 3 months getting to essence 4. That leaves most people with 3 months still to spend. THEN you have another 3 months until the armies need to march out. So if you’re not Blix you realistically have 6 months in which to enact plans. Though there are plenty of interruptions.

((If any of you would like to design Lunar Mate NPCs for your characters or more details about what your exaltation was doing in the first age, now would be a good time to introduce that sort of content. I was thinking about having a normal group of non-psychotic Lunars show up, so now would be a good time. Completeley optional.))

Exp: 11, Campaign Total: 114


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