Deadly Skies

9 - A Woman Scorned

April 28th

  • Gin throws some sort of party (he seems to be fond of those).
  • Skogur employs Swift in a plot to kill Cynis Neggazer using Raksi’s deadly poison.
  • Skogur sneaks into Cynis’s manse and poisons his private door and drink. Trygg stands vigil to watch what happens.
  • Willow, Kaedris and Swift Spend three weeks crafting ships for the army.
  • After the Laenia Accord, the Circle is invited to watch Gin fight in not so mortal combat against some Bareni tribesmen.
    Their ceremonial battleground turns out to be a piece of Deseloth as well as one of the requirements for the laenia accord.
  • We are introduced to Makers Design, the Orchalcum piece of Deseloth.
  • Now with four of the seven pieces of Deseloth He is finally merged into a single warstrider.
  • Deseloth informs the party that the Meridian Isles can become one, using his powers.
  • The party approves of Deseloth’s plan and the Meridian Isle is repaired.

Exp: 13 exp for a campaign total of 98


josiah42 Jayfeather

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