Deadly Skies

12 - A Better World

Events So Far:

  • Raksi is cured! What kind of person is she now? She decides to go on a pilgrimage to rediscover herself.
    • The party is gifted with Essence Tattoos that feed them 5 motes per action.
    • Raksi turns up with the Moonsilver piece and gifts it to the Circle.
  • Earth piece of Deselowth (Grignak) is recovered from Kornath. The Earth Manse is now activated.
    • Grignak provides protection (soak) for the pilot of Deselowth.
  • The king of Kornath (Fanlet Blake) is reinstated, enlightened, and now interested in adventuring. He’s also kind of a moron.

*What are the powers of the Moonsilver piece of Deselowth?

  • Lunar Expedition (as foretold by Trig)
    • Full ramifications of the Throne of Creation
  • Zaela’s fiance, Arainn ruler of Adrelith, has gone missing
  • Journey and rescue after the attack by Aveula.

GM Notes

(until someone writes a real summary)
h3. Scene Transition

Raksi gives gifts before going on her pilgrimage. She gives the party Essence Tatoos. She gives them the Moonsilver piece. Activating the Moonsilver piece causes the Primordium of the island to flow smoothly together. It is restored to its original shape and wholly mended. With the Isle restored the Circle can set off on their journey.

Introduce Journey’s Character?

Lunar Expedition

Omen: Paranoid about the Lunar elders lying to the young about the chimera.
Star Joyous Pursuit of the Crimson Star: Convinced that a single powerful ruler is always a bad idea.
Anja Silverclaws: Spy reconnaissance for Greyfalls and The Walker in Darkness.

Omen explains the philosophy of the Thousand Streams River and that they will not support the exact return of First Age ethics. “We have to do better and learn from our mistakes. Creating a single strong central leader means that the entire culture hangs on that leader’s survival. This is bad for the leader and bad for the people. For the people, if the leader is ever lost everything crashes in an instant. We’ve already lost half of Creation to that mistake. It’s bad for the leader, because they become paranoid and self-obsessed, because of course the world needs them. They become willing to sacrifice their kingdom to save themselves, instead of the other way around.” “Our new plan is to use our Exalted powers and long lifespans to create strong, independent nations and cultures that can carry on without us. They have to be self regulating in the long term so that we don’t need to constantly adjust them.” “Of course, it takes a while to get to that point.” “So we will be able to help you as allies if you are willing to learn from the past and are interested in something more than just remaking the world before its inevitable collapse.”

They’ve discovered that the activation of the Meridian Isles has attracted the ire of a Fair Folk Lord who is planning on destroying the Isle. They plan on staying here while the Solars march off to war to ensure the Isles are not destroyed in their absence. They also come bearing intelligence from Greyfalls.

They swear an eclipse oath to protect the Meridian Isles.

Rescue Mission

The party runs into Aveula and has their giant battle. Aveula is destroyed but the ship is also destroyed. The crew of their flagship is scattered across the landscape. They crash in Arczeki territory. The survivors have gone missing. They need to be rescued before they are eaten.

Exp 13, Total Exp: 147


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